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Looking at Lumens

By Michael Morrison on Tue 23 November 2021

What are lumens? How do lumens effect light? Does more lumens mean more light? How can you convert lumens to watts? All these questions and more answered in our short yet sweet write up. 

Watt's it all about?

By Michael Morrison on Tue 02 November 2021

Well... its all about watts and what they mean!

How long should my lamps last?

By Michael Morrison on Wed 27 October 2021

The life and times of a light bulb can be hard, all that flicking on and off can really take its toll, but the question is, how long should your bulbs really be lasting?

Finding the right bulb for the job

By Michael Morrison on Fri 22 October 2021

LED or halogen? Warm White or Cool White? BC or ES? 100W or 10W? Clueless or know a little but not up to date? You're going to want to bookmark this one as we aim to help you out and make sure you are always getting the best part for your customer.


5 Tips for Replacing Halogen Lights with LEDs

By Clive McMullan on Tue 12 October 2021

From 1 October 2021, there is a new ban on the sale of halogen lamps in the UK and EU*: this means that any future lighting replacements must be LED. In an attempt to tackle climate change, the UK government predicts that the switch to LED will cut 1.26 million tonnes of CO2 - the equivalent of removing more than half a million cars from the roads. But what does that mean for businesses?

Halogen Lamp Ban: All You Need To Know

By Clive McMullan on Mon 13 September 2021

The drive towards energy efficient lighting is underway in the UK. But what does the new halogen ban mean, and how will it affect

Top 5 Advantages of LED Lighting

By Clive McMullan on Wed 01 September 2021

Switching to LED? Is it really worth it? The short answer is: YES. LED technology has transformed domestic lighting over the last few years, with cheaper bills, fewer bulb replacements and serious energy efficiency credentials proving popular in homes across the UK and Ireland.


The 6 C’s of Emergency Lighting Battery Identification

By Clive McMullan on Fri 23 July 2021

Selecting emergency lighting batteries can be tricky. We know our users often face challenges when identifying batteries so we thought we’d lend a helping hand. You can stop scratching your head and take our advice: the 6 C’s is Lamp Source’s  foolproof guide to choosing the right battery for the job every time.