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Fly Killers

By Michael Morrison on Mon 16 May 2022

We’ve all been there, sitting down to a nice meal and then you hear it, *buzz* *buzz*, you haven’t seen it yet, but you know it’s there, the dreaded house fly

May Madness Promotion 2022

By Michael Morrison on Tue 03 May 2022

May is upon us and that means summer is just around the corner and here at Lamp Source we just like everyone else love to see the good weather coming in. With the longer nights and sun finally shining it means time for BBQs with friends, family and maybe even work colleagues, and what goes well with BBQs? A good beer or two!

Bailey - The Brand You'll Love

By Michael Morrison on Fri 22 April 2022

Bailey Lighting is a name that many will know and probably love, however, what many may not know is how deep their range actually goes.

What are Kelvins?

By Michael Morrison on Mon 21 March 2022

Kelvins are one of those units that you see all the time when talking about lamps and their characteristics, but what do you truly know about them?

Sports Lighting: Our Guide to Lighting Sports Fields

By Michael Morrison on Tue 08 March 2022

Whether you're lighting an outdoor stadium or indoor arena, quality lighting is critical. Read more about sports lighting and the specific requirements today.

What are LED Drivers?

By Michael Morrison on Tue 01 February 2022

So you know that LED lamps are the future of the industry, but do you know about the control gear that runs them? Well now is the time to find out. 

Looking at Lumens

By Michael Morrison on Tue 23 November 2021

What are lumens? How do lumens effect light? Does more lumens mean more light? How can you convert lumens to watts? All these questions and more answered in our short yet sweet write up. 

Watt's it all about?

By Michael Morrison on Tue 02 November 2021

Well... its all about watts and what they mean!

How long should my lamps last?

By Michael Morrison on Wed 27 October 2021

The life and times of a light bulb can be hard, all that flicking on and off can really take its toll, but the question is, how long should your bulbs really be lasting?

Finding the right bulb for the job

By Michael Morrison on Fri 22 October 2021

LED or halogen? Warm White or Cool White? BC or ES? 100W or 10W? Clueless or know a little but not up to date? You're going to want to bookmark this one as we aim to help you out and make sure you are always getting the best part for your customer.