Fly Killers

Fly Killers

By Michael Morrison on Mon 16 May 2022

We’ve all been there, sitting down to a nice meal and then you hear it, *buzz* *buzz*, you haven’t seen it yet, but you know it’s there, the dreaded house fly

You’re soon flailing your hands and arms around your food and drinks trying to keep it away. Then when you do finally see it and try to swat at it, you miss because the little bugger is a ninja in the air and then you get even more annoyed. If only there was a way to stop these things in their tracks, which took little to no effort, a fire and forget solution. 

Enter the Fly Killers

So most of us know what these are, how they work, their maintenance and all that jazz, but for those that don’t here is a quick run through. 

Fly Killers tend to come in 2 variants in regards to dispatching the insects, electric grid or glue board. Electric grids are just that, an electrified mesh that will zap the fly on contact. Glue boards work by sticking the fly to them where they will eventually die. They both tend to use the same attractant - UV light. UV light as most will know is invisible to the human eye but to flies it is the best thing since sliced bread and they just have to get to it. Most fly killer units will use a fluorescent lamp to emit the UV, but newer, more modern units are now using LED lamps as they tend to come with a lot more advantages over the older technology. So which is better? Well that depends on what you need it for.

Electric Grid Fly Killer Units



Kills the fly instantly.

Explodes the fly pushing particles into the air.

Very little routine maintenance.

Higher running costs - electric use.

Glue Board Fly Killer Units



More hygenic, flies stick to the board and nothing gets away.

Flies can take a while to die.

No additional running costs

Needs to be routinely checked and boards replaced every 4-6 weeks depending on catches.

So there you have it, depending on your situation you now know which will best suit your needs. If you’re still unsure, give our Sales Team a quick call and they will be able to help you choose.

So do you go traditional or LED? Since being created around 100 years ago the fly killer hadn’t really changed much in how it really operates and why should it, they work? That being said the introduction of LED technology now means they come with a lot of benefits that previously wouldn’t have been available, but we go over that more in a following post.